What People Say about Flyboard Las Vegas

Coming from Canada this was one of the reasons why we came to Vegas to try it. Our instructor Sean was kind enough to accommodate us after hours.

Not only did he make it fun but he was patient and made it safe to learn in steps. This is a definite must for groups to come out and have an awesome time.

"Water Sky boarding Las Vegas"
Dan L
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Something like you never experienced it’s totally amazing, felt like iron man. I was scared at first was me and my girlfriend but it’s just so fun that you forget about everything. Just want to touch the sky lol

" Flyboarding USA"
Daniel S
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Trevor, Sean, and Alex went step by step on the do’s and don’ts to make sure we were safe. Saying we had a blast would be an understatement. The company was great, the atmosphere was laid back, and best of all the cost of the experience was reasonably priced. Even walked away with a GoPro video to show off to my friends. Thanks again for a great time, you’ll see me out there flying around again real soon!

" Water Feet Jet Pack Las Vegas"
Frank C
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The experience is in a beautiful location, I would recommend having a drink/lunch here whilst you’re here.

The staff were excellent and provided great detail/instructions. The experience itself is great fun, there’s genuinely nothing like it. I would recommend this company, especially if you’re a first time flyboarder. I would definitely return.

"Water Jet Pack Las Vegas"
Gavin D
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It honestly does make you feel like a superhero. I thought standing up over the water and keeping balance was going to be hard, but Trevor explained exactly how to maneuver and within about 5-10 minutes is something anyone can get the hang of. If you’re looking for an awesome way to spend a hot summer day in Vegas than grab some friends and try this out. I can’t wait to go back

"flyboarding experience"
Kevin D
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I had an awesome experience. I live down in Lake Las Vegas so every time I drive by the lake I see people on the FlyBoard having a blast and so I decided to give this a try. The FlyBoard was very easy to get up and out of the water but hard to master. The instructor was great in giving me advice on how to effectively turn and everything. I had got the GoPro footage from them and the video turned out great.

"Water Flyboarding Las Vegas"
Kyle P
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We had a group of five out for a Bachelor party, we decided we wanted something different for one of our days in Vegas. It was a perfect day and the guys were so professional and easy going. They made it all about us, super accommodating to everyone in our group. Very knowledgeable, there were able to instruct us and in no time we were flying. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking a thrilling adventure.

"Water Propelled Flyboard"
William L
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